The USD makes new highs on the Daily Chart.  Strong divergence with the MACD, even a crossdown has occurred.  When the USD makes a cross down with the moving average, then a good signal to short the USD.
OV_D_10_26_2014The AUD also has a divergence with the MACD.  Time to close the short position.
GBP is still daily fluctuating.  The high of the first of october  is in MACD-divergence with the high of the end of july.  So for me, the GBP has an negative daily outlook.
The CAD has started a negative move (a correction in the uptrend).
Change that the CAD will go lower. But looking at the weekly charts, i conclude that in the short run, the CAD may go lower, but in the long run (weeks) it may go higher.
The NZD is negative.  Daily we have a corrective move, but the pressure is still negative.
Daily chart for the JPY is strongly fluctuating.  A sideways move is occurring.  Looking at the daily overview chart of the JPY we have two highs (the high of 10/17/2014 and the high of 08/13/2014) where the high of 10/17 is lower than the high of 08/13, but in the MACD, the position of the high is higher than the previous one.  This is considered a hidden divergence. A continuation signal.  So daily, i consider the JPY as negative.
For the Daily analysis of the Euro, i can look at the weekly outlook. Same thing as with the JPY.  The Macd shows higher highs, while the Euro shows a high that’s lower then the second previous high.  Continuation of the negative move in the short run.
The correlation of the CHF with the EURO i still active.  So for the CHF, the outlook is negative in the short run.